Prominent Properties

House RS0425266

House in Barrio Cooperativa Perez Zeledon
Price: $88,000
  • Location Barrio Cooperativa, PZ
  • Area: 155 m²
  • Construction: Yes

Farm LL1402417

Farm for sale in Cañaza Puerto Jimenez
Price: $90,000
  • Location Puerto Jimenez
  • Area: 4.14 ha
  • Construction: No

House RS1500159

House in Pueblo Nuevo de Cajón
Price: $28,000
  • Location Pueblo Nuevo Cajón
  • Area: 324 m²
  • Construction: Yes

Lot RS0654362

Lot in Concepcion Daniel Flores, P.Z.
Price: $18,000
  • Location: Concepcion Daniel Flores, P.Z.
  • Area: 1022 m²
  • Construction: No

About Us

It established in 1962. Coopeagri has grown every year, generating a wide variety of businesses, including agricultural production, industrial processing and international marketing, environmental conservation, trade and specialized services.

Exchange Rate

Sale: Reference: Central Bank of Costa Rica CR Colones by US Dolares

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